About myself

My name is Antonio Jesús Fernández Sánchez, I have a Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Sports, I also did a Master in Human Nutrition. My main objective is aimed at improving your health. Throughout my life I have been linked in one way or another to physical activity and sports, as an athlete, as a coach, teacher and always as a student. My passion is fitness and nutrition. Passionate about Rugby, Triathlon, Basketball and lately the Crossfit / Functional Fitness.

I have to say that after a lifetime dedicated to this fascinating world I began to realize, first testing myself and then advising clients what really works and how the industry, both of fitness and nutrition, deceives us. I still remember those times counting calories, eating six or more times a day, avoiding fat, and basing my diet on carbohydrates because I should always have available energy. After many years of applying all these formulas and not finding the expected results, it was not until I stopped counting calories, stopped eating six times a day, stopped eating cereals, increased the consumption of quality fats and proteins, I started doing Intermittent fasting and even alternate days I began to see better results. Better results in body composition, with a significant decrease in fat percentage and increase in muscle gain, as well as the inflammatory improvement of all my joints, very important if you practice a contact sport such as rugby. (I still remember the 15 minutes after I got up walking like a robot until my ankles got warm, and so, to be able to walk normally).

In a few months I had gained more muscle, lost more fat, had more strength and felt better than ever, and all this often doing the opposite of what experts recommend. Without using a single machine, only training with my body at the beginning, and including some kettlebells and bars for Olympic movements at the end.

For many years now, I have been advising clients, gyms and teams, I am still studying, learning and growing.

Master in Human Nutrition.

Master in Sports Sciences.

Registered as Personal Trainer,  Advanced Health and Exercise Specialist Level 6.

Certified Triathlon Coach.

Certified Bodybuilding Coach.

Certified Rugby Coach.