Online Training

In this section I will explain you how the online training service I offer works.

Initially there will be an email exchange so we can get to know each other a little bit more, set your goals, and see how much time and how much experience you have. You´ll also need to complete several detailed questionnaires. These include questions about your lifestyle, your body composition, gym experience, stress levels, food intolerances or allergies, your food habits, quality of sleep, etc …

All of the above will help me to create a personalized plan just for you, a plan to improve your nutritional habits and your physical training. I will ask you to review the plans and when we both agree on all details, the training will kick-off.

Once started, I will do weekly checks to observe your progress and make changes if and when necessary. On a weekly basis you will have to keep track of the workouts you do, write down your weight, the number of series and repetitions you do and send them to me through an app with your profile. Like this i will have the required level of control about everything that is happening and I can make informed decisions. That does not mean that there is only communication between us once a week. You can contact me at any time during the week. Always inform me about any doubt or question you might have.

To follow the training plan, we will mainly use three platforms depending on your interests. All 3 can be downloaded on the phone, so you can follow the training plan easily and anywhere in the world (with internet access).

Get your goals.

Antonio Fernández App. Welcome to the definitive platform for online training. Here you will find everything you need to track your physical progress.

Be Prepared on Race Day

Trainingpeaks, I use this application in particular for endurance athletes, triathletes, cyclists, runners or swimmers.

Habit-based coaching

Pro-Coach, I use this application to create stable and long-lasting nutritional habits.

You can only expect honesty from me. If your goals are not attainable, I’ll tell you.

If I can not help you because your goals does not fall within my competences, I’ll tell you.

If I see that you do not need full advice because you only need a little bit of guidance, I’ll tell you.

Another important thing to mention is that I can assure you that my services are truly personalized.

I am also a believer that you have to do as little as possible to have required results. My approach, both in resistance exercise and in cardiovascular exercise is quite minimalist. I will not let you go to the gym 7 days a week, 3 hours a day. It is not necessary and it will give you more time to live life, which in the end is more interesting.


I’ve been providing online training for a quite some time now and I’ve realized that it will not be the solution for everyone. The online work is more complicated than it looks, and the trainer that says that he can train everyone online regardless of the characteristics of the person, is, in my opinion, lying.

Here my personal list of requirements i think you should read before asking to be trained online:

There is more independence and commitment from people who have already reached the age of majority. Minors often depend too much on other people, usually parents, to carry out an adequate nutritional plan. Also, I do not think that people under 18 need advice. As a minor, you have to eat, train, have fun, study and for the rest, nothing else.

I am not a physiotherapist and this is beyond my powers. Therefore, if you want me to give you advice, I need you not to have serious injuries or injuries that limit your movements, movements ranges, etc …

I firmly believe that the more specific an area of ​​expertise is, the better you will be in it. Therefore, I prefer to advise people who do not have any serious health problems that could compromise the follow-up of my online training. Not mentioning serious health problems or hiding related information will lead to the immediate suspension of the online consultation and follow-up. I ask for a lot of rigor on this point.

Many people want to change their physical appearance, but they are not able to control their meals because they eat “what is being served at home” or “what their parents cook”. A critical point that cannot be ignored: food is an essential part of success, and it is imperative that you can cook what is in the nutrition plan. Try to make your family understand that you have to take care of your diet. I am in charge of giving you enough margin and variety, but you have to be able to carry it out and be the one who takes control.

I can show you the way, but you are the one who has to do it. That means that the one who is going to have to make the effort is you. You will have me at your side to support you, solve any doubts and to guide you, but in the end the work will be done by you, and success depends solely and exclusively on your commitment.

I ask for honesty because if you do not follow my guidelines or do not tell me what is happening, my work is useless. If you do not follow the nutrition plan that I propose and you do not tell me, I can not make the necessary adjustments and all the progress will be compromised. And in the end the one that gets hurt is you. With this I mean that a counseling (in person as well, but especially the online consultations) only works if there is 100% confidence between us both. If there confidence, the problems that arise can be solved. If not, it’s impossible.

I do not promise immediate results. I do not work with immediate results. I do not believe in immediate results. In this I will be very sincere. I do not like to waste time and I do not like others to lose time neither. If you want advice, I’m here for you. But if after 2 weeks of training you are going to give up it because you do not see results, than it’s better to not start. Basically because it will be a waste of time for both of us. I hope you understand this last point. Things usually take a while, and the one that promises you that in 2 weeks you will have attained your goal, is in my opinion lying to you. Before requesting online training, bear this in mind please.


To finish, I will expose my 3 only conditions. I hope that by reading the above, you will understand why and that they seem fair to you.

I say this with as much honesty as possible. When someone hires my services, I like to get 100% involved and I hope that he/she will also do so. With this predisposition we will do our best and we will be fully involved to achieve the objectives you pursue. But it is impossible to guarantee 100% the results, and whoever does promise you this, is in my opinion not being realistic.

I can not take an unlimited number of people at the same time, precisely because to each client I dedicate all required time, to answer questions, make the planning, control the training, food, etc … That’s why I say that my services really are personalized. I am sure that if I were to dispatch generic diets I could take 400 people without any problem, but that is not the case. That means that if you contact me and I have a quota full of clients, I will answer you by putting you on the waiting list and when there is a vacancy I will contact you to start the service if you are still interested.

This will ensure your commitment and avoids the occasional case of me delivering all training material and the trainee then asking a return of money. I believe in a fair and pleasant service for all my clients and I will dedicate myself 100%. This point is very important for me as of the beginning.

If everything I’ve explained above seems fair and reasonable to you, and you want to work together to achieve your goals, send me an email to:
With the following information. Copy and paste the following questions in the mail and answer them all::
1) What objective you are currently looking for (the more concrete the better)
2) Weight, height and % fat Estimated.
3) How long you have been training or what experience you have in the gym.
4) What kind of diet do you currently follow?
5) Do you have an injury that prevents you from performing a normal training?
6) What food supplements are you using.
7) Do you meet all the requirements mentioned above?
and I will get in touch with you as soon as possible.